To ALL Bridgeware Clients:

As we all get ready to close out 2011 and begin 2012 there are changes that must occur within your software.

As you may or may not already know, the SSA Magnetic Media Reporting has changed this year.  You can download the latest program at your convenience on our FTP Site, or contact Bridgeware Technical Support for help on this.

To obtain the latest Accuwage software which has also changed, you can follow the download and installation instructions here…

As always, the Federal Math Packets can be downloaded from the FTP Site as well. The file is called Fed2012.tpm and can be downloaded at any time. Do NOT install them until after you clear your YTD Check Totals for 2011 and before you process your first payroll for 2012.  If you need further help installing them to your database, please contact Bridgeware Technical Support.

If anyone has been notified of any changes to your States Tax Packages please forward them to so we can get them updated for you.

To date so far we have updated the following State Math Packets for 2012:











*** Reminder ***  There will be no Earned Income Credit for 2012. You will want to go into company setup and disable your deduction flags on the Automatic setting from “Y” to “N”. This will ensure that any employees who have EIC deductions on their employee record will no longer be getting EIC in their paycheck.

Make sure you review/download copies of the “Year End Checklist” so you don’t miss anything here There are also instructions on running your W2’s and SSA’s.

Also… Don’t miss out on those tax credits!

Employees that began work between February 3, 2010 and January 1, 2011 may be eligible for the Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment Act (HIRE).

Check the IRS FAQ Page here to find out if you have retained employees.

Go to and watch the brief IRS video and contact support for more info!

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