TempsPlus Integration - call-em-all

Bridgeware Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce that we now have a fully integrated solution with call-em-all. Why? In today's economy it has never been more important to be faster than the competition and to use your staff's time more efficiently.

TempsPlus Staffing Software integration with call-em-all

Filling job orders has never been faster or easier! Not only can you find the right personnel instantly via Bridgeware's TempsPlus v4 staffing software, but now through our fully integrated solution with call-em-all, one recruiter, in one simple step, can contact all qualified personnel in your database and find out who in interested and available without making a single phone call!

Here's how it works:

call-em-all - How it works

call-em-all eliminates a huge amount of valuable time spent making phone calls, leaving messages, sending e-mails, and otherwise trying to contact a number of potential workers to fill a new job order. All contacts are made automatically and the system generates a response report within minutes!

Questions? Give Bridgeware Sales a call today at 1.800.533.8367 or e-mail us.

And that's not all! Take a look at the other ways call-em-all can be used and imagine its potential impact on your staffing business in other efficiencies, and, in solidifying your relationship with workers and clients.

Call-em-all Features

call-em-all - an online, subscription based, communication tool that makes your company much more competitive, efficient, and therefore contributes significantly to your bottom line.

Here's how one of Bridgeware Systems, Inc. clients reports on the integration with call-em-all:

"The call-em-all solution has significantly increased our efficiencies, and we are not even a volume shop. We can focus our staffing specialists' time on speaking with candidates who are interested and available for positions, reducing time wasted chasing people down or on candidates who are not interested in specific positions. We have taken and filled orders that we would never have been able to fill in the past – all because of the call-em-all solution"

Scott Fiore
Tri-Star Staffing

Questions? Give Bridgeware Sales a call today at 1.800.533.8367 or e-mail us.

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