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Reprinting Employee W2’s with changes…

Friday, February 8th, 2013

Just a quick “One-Minute, How-To” video on reprinting employee W2’s with changes – Name, Address, or Social …

Spring Cleaning – Keyword Maintenance

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

This is a “How To” video on Spring Cleaning – Keyword Maintenance from within Temps Plus. It is always good practice to make sure that you backup your database before making any mass changes. Even though this may not be a major change it would still be considered a mass change because the results could effect many records!

You can add, change, delete or map keywords very easily from within your maintenance menu and this is how. The map option may be especially helpful to those who have merged databases and are now using the Multi-Location feature.

Yahoo! Retires Map API…

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Yahoo! Retires Maps API… Temps Plus welcomes Google!

Do you often need to print directions for employees to get to their job?

You can do that right from your Customer or Job Order Screen with built in Google map support!

To make sure this feature is installed correctly you will need to take the following two simple steps.
First run software updates!
Then you will have to run the following query to remove your old Yahoo! settings…

Delete * From ProcessOptions Where Process = “MAPS”

And thats it! Next time you click on that little “M” button next to the address, you will be taken directly to Google maps and you can print off directions right from there!

“Reach Out” with Call-Em-All

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Well… Here’s the next video in the series (only my second so bear with me), “Reach Out” with Call-Em-All. I am still working on effects and quality but the videos will get better! This just touches on one way to utilize Call-Em-All directly from Temps Plus. I did not cover the Broadcast manager which allows you to monitor “Survey Response” from your applicants and directly place all those that responded they are interested in the job opening. I also failed to mention that all activity is recorded and stored in history for tracking purposes and unemployment claims.

Yes… it is that easy!

… And will save you time and money!

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