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SQL Stored Procedures with parameters from Temps Plus query window

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

This video may be a little more geared toward the Advanced Technical users but this feature was requested by one of our clients and we were able to implement it!

Currently you can run SQL Stored Procedures from the Query window but this feature specifically allows you to run sql stored procedures with parameters.

If you are not looking to run the Stored Procedures but would simply like to utilize the functionality of the “Multi-Parameter” query within the same window you can do that as well. Most users will find this helpful and is demonstrated toward the end of the video.

Automating Software Updates via Windows Task Scheduler!

Friday, April 27th, 2012

This is a great video to be paired with the last blog posting about the new TpAutoFTP program.  Automating software updates and running DBValidator4 will ensure that your software is always up to the latest and greatest standards that Bridgeware has to offer!

New Process for Updating Temps Plus!

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Bridgeware has implemented a new process for updating Temps Plus. The new TPAutoFTP.exe will look the same and the process still remains the same, however, once it is installed and software updates are run, it sends one Zip file package versus individual file downloads. This is especially helpful when large files need updating (such as tpDbDoc4.mdb).

Since there are new libraries and dlls that need to be updated this is not something that is mandated. If you would like to install the new updates feature you can download the Setup file by clicking on the following link … TPAutoFTPSetup.exe

If you have any questions you can contact or call the office at 607.770.7043.

Yahoo! Retires Map API…

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Yahoo! Retires Maps API… Temps Plus welcomes Google!

Do you often need to print directions for employees to get to their job?

You can do that right from your Customer or Job Order Screen with built in Google map support!

To make sure this feature is installed correctly you will need to take the following two simple steps.
First run software updates!
Then you will have to run the following query to remove your old Yahoo! settings…

Delete * From ProcessOptions Where Process = “MAPS”

And thats it! Next time you click on that little “M” button next to the address, you will be taken directly to Google maps and you can print off directions right from there!

One thing we learned from our Users Meeting…

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

One thing we learned from our users meeting Is that most Temps Plus users don’t know what they really have! We understand that with the hustle and bustle of the daily operations in the staffing industry it is difficult to stay on top of software updates and ever-changing technology, so we are going to help you.  One of the things we learned at the Temps Plus Users meeting at Staffing World 2011 was that we need to help you stay informed to changes in your staffing software! This is the first video of many more tutorials to come!

Many of you running version 4.1 probably don’t even know that almost four months ago you received an update that allows you to setup “Drop Down” boxes for almost any field within Temps Plus that you want. This video covers the basics of what you need to do in order to start using this feature. There will be another video posted for more “Advanced” users that will cover implementing the “Drop Down” feature on all of your user defined custom screens.

If you are currently using Temps Plus and have a request for a tutorial video please leave a comment here or contact at 607.770.7043.  We look forward to creating many more videos to help keep you informed and educated on your staffing software!

Optimize your Temps Plus!

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Not sure if your software is up to date? Call us! Optimize your Temps Plus! It’s covered in your maintenance with Bridgeware Systems, so there is no reason to not be running the latest version and we will help you get there!

To find out for yourself … log in to Temps Plus and go to “Help” then “About”. If you’re running TPJKM version 4 and it is not at 4.0.272 then you should do software updates. If you’re running version 4.1 and its not yet at 4.1.34… Guess what? You should do software updates!

What is the difference between Temps Plus version 4.0 and 4.1?

Basically… version 4.1 is setting you up for success to optimize the “tools” that are available in streamlining your staffing business. Some of these tools included in the setup are the Automated Messaging Service fully integrated with Call-Em-All, and the Department of Homeland Security “E-Verify” Program. These features are currently being used by Bridgeware Clients across the country already. Also version 4.1 has the capability to assign customers and employees’ logins through your website and print off past pay stubs, invoice history etc. Currently in final Beta testing, will be the launch of mobile applications on your Droid or IPhone and tablet devices.

If you are running version 4.0 and would like to get ahead of the curve and jump to 4.1 call (607.770.7043) or email and schedule a time with Kathy to have tech support get you upgraded. Friday is a great day to do software updates!

Automating Temps Plus Software Updates

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

The tpAutoFtp program can be run in fully automatic mode by adding “Auto” to the command line. For example, c:program filesbridgeware systemstemps plus jkm 4tpAutoFtp Auto

When run this way, the automating Temps Plus software updates program will automatically log on to the Bridgeware site, download any updates and copy them to the npath. It creates a log that it puts in the npath, named “AUpdates.txt” which contains the date and time the update was performed and a list of the files that were updated.
When workstations log in, theautomating Temps Plus software updates program automatically checks for AUpdates.txt in the npath and, if found, reads the date and time of the last update. It then compares this date/time value to a registry setting of the last update it installed. If the values are not equal it automatically runs the workstation update program (updates.exe) and installs the updates. If there is a problem installing the updates (like a file it is trying to replace being in use), it makes a registry setting to automatically perform the updates the next time the system is restarted.
With these new features, a client could use the Windows Task Scheduler (available from the control panel) to have one machine on the network execute tpAutoFtp on a regularly scheduled basis (weekly, monthly, etc) and all the workstations on the network would take care of themselves.