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TempsPlus staffing software integration iPay Cash Card iPay Debit Card Staffing Software Module

The iPay Cash Card is the TempsPlus, fully integrated, debit card application provided at no cost to TempsPlus staffing software users. It gives your company the ability to pay employees via Debit Card or Check Card, saving on check printing and delivery, and eliminating any check cashing problems your employees may have.

Their funds are instantly available at any ATM worldwide, or at millions of retailers, many of whom also have a cash-back feature for their debit card users. iPay users can also write a Trans Check or transfer funds to their personal checking account.

Employees do pay a small transaction fee which is certainly far less than any check cashing service, and even these can be reduced, or eliminated entirely. by utilizing “cash-Back” options, writing a Trans Check, or transferring funds from their card into their checking account. We have found that many employees, even with personal checking accounts, prefer getting paid via the iPay Cash Card.

Obviously,  iPay card payment can be particularly beneficial to employees without bank accounts and/or are working on daily pay "cash" jobs.

For employers IPay is also faster and easier that electronic transfer (EFTS) as well as being less expensive that writing and delivering physical checks. Cash Cards are funded at the very beginning of the TempPlus payroll check writing options

On the banking side of iPay, Bridgeware has partnered with debit card provider "Money Network", a part of the Star Systems, the premier PIN-Secured Debit and ATN network with over 300,000 ATMs. Over 50% of all PIN secured debit card transactions in the US are processed through the Star Network!

Just like the payroll check writing system all iPay cash card transactions are fully integrated into TempsPlus comprehensive “back office” accounting package.

As above, there is no cost to the employer for the iPay Cash Card  and it can be installed and registered for all  of Bridgeware’s TempsPlus software users with version 2.0.52 or higher.

A big bonus – Security! All distributions made through the TempsPlus iPay Cash Card application are more confidential and less susceptible to handling errors and fraud than traditional checks, which typically pass through many hands before they clear. In fact, the chances of a problem with iPay Cash Card funds distribution are 20 times less likely than with a manual check. That’s peace of mind for employers and employees alike!


iPay Employer Benefits

Cut your costs for:


  • Purchasing checks
  • Printing checks
  • Mailing checks
  • Delivering checks
  • Replacing stolen checks
  • Reprocessing returned checks
  • Pay stub delivery
  • Pay the "unbanked" employee
  • Total funds delivery
  • Account reports
  • Eliminate check fraud
  • Ideal for "daily pay" environments
  • Instant termination pay
  • Increased employee "loyalty"

Questions on iPay? Check out our iPay FAQ page. If you cannot find an answer to your question, call 1.800.533.8367 or e-mail our resident iPay expert.

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TempsPlus includes WarBoard for filling all open orders from a single screen, and JobStream(s) to automate tasks.

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