TempsPlus Integration - PeopleNet Time Tracking

Track Employee Hours and Other Critical Data

TempsPlus staffing software integration with People-net.

Track employee hours (e.g. arrival time, departure time, lunch break, personal time off), assignments, projects and expenses with a wide range of time tracking interface, regardless of location or time of day. Each time tracking interface is designed to accurately record an employee’s time to reduce human error, as well as, identify and resolve payroll issues early. 

There is NO SOFTWARE to install, manage or support. Your critical employee data is automatically delivered to PeopleNet for viewing, editing, reporting and approval within the PeopleNet's workforce management console. 

time clockTime Clocks

Our time clocks go past simply capturing and delivering punches. In light industrial environments the time clock is often the employee's only interaction with PeopleNet. We utilize the clock to interact with the employee to ensure their time is correct. Employees can view, text or print their current time total at each out punch. This capability, along with our client time approval process, virtually eliminates bill and pay errors. Implementation, customer support, and service are provided by our Hardware Services Group.

Web TimesheetsWeb Timesheets

An ideal approach for employees who have internet access. Flexible formats and functionality are available to meet a wide range of needs while assuring compliance of each State and/or Client. Some options are: real-time punching, entry of in/out times, daily hours, hours by assignment, hours by project, expenses, and more.

email request timesheetEmail Request Timesheet

Provides the same functionality as web timesheets but eliminates objections and complications associated with logging on. A secure link is emailed to the employee or supervisor with a request to enter hours. Many creative routines have been integrated to handle non-compliance without requiring manual input by employees.

Fax TimesheetFax Timesheet (FaxarooSM)

Allows employees to fax time to PeopleNet when traditional online timesheet entry methods are not available or when traditional paper timesheets are required. This approach works well for temporary employees dispersed across multiple locations.

Interactive Voice ResponseInteractive Voice Response

Allows employees to enter hours from any phone by following easy to understand voice prompts. An ideal approach for employees who cannot access PeopleNet through an electronic device.


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