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“Reach Out” with Call-Em-All

Well… Here’s the next video in the series (only my second so bear with me), “Reach Out” with Call-Em-All. I am still working on effects and quality but the videos will get better! This just touches on one way to utilize Call-Em-All directly from Temps Plus. I did not cover the Broadcast manager which allows you to monitor “Survey Response” from your applicants and directly place all those that responded they are interested in the job opening. I also failed to mention that all activity is recorded and stored in history for tracking purposes and unemployment claims.

Yes… it is that easy!

… And will save you time and money!

Bridgeware Staffing Software - CEM by the numbers

Optimize your Temps Plus!

Not sure if your software is up to date? Call us! Optimize your Temps Plus! It’s covered in your maintenance with Bridgeware Systems, so there is no reason to not be running the latest version and we will help you get there!

To find out for yourself … log in to Temps Plus and go to “Help” then “About”. If you’re running TPJKM version 4 and it is not at 4.0.272 then you should do software updates. If you’re running version 4.1 and its not yet at 4.1.34… Guess what? You should do software updates!

What is the difference between Temps Plus version 4.0 and 4.1?

Basically… version 4.1 is setting you up for success to optimize the “tools” that are available in streamlining your staffing business. Some of these tools included in the setup are the Automated Messaging Service fully integrated with Call-Em-All, and the Department of Homeland Security “E-Verify” Program. These features are currently being used by Bridgeware Clients across the country already. Also version 4.1 has the capability to assign customers and employees’ logins through your website and print off past pay stubs, invoice history etc. Currently in final Beta testing, will be the launch of mobile applications on your Droid or IPhone and tablet devices.

If you are running version 4.0 and would like to get ahead of the curve and jump to 4.1 call (607.770.7043) or email support@bridgeware.net and schedule a time with Kathy to have tech support get you upgraded. Friday is a great day to do software updates!