Temps Plus

“Productivity through Innovation”

The hundreds of efficiencies, automations, and reporting abilities, built into our TempsPlus staffing software greatly increase the productivity and profitability of your company.

The reason is quite simple: every enhancement, feature, upgrade and integration has been created, over several years, with direct input and suggestions from leadingStaffing Company Professionals.

Great staffing companies have always depended upon a combination of sound strategic vision, great people, and the profitable delivery of staffing services. Our clients supply the strategic vision and the great people, and our staffing software, TempsPlus, keeps them and their staffs on top of the thousands of daily details and essential reporting so critical to effectivecompetitive, and profitable staffing management.

Our Staffing Software Features:

1. A Complete Front and Back Office Solution

Seamless front office interfacing with our partnered, award winning, accounting software means there is no redundant data entry. All data entered into TempsPlus is automatically and seamlessly transferred to the appropriate accounting modules, Payroll/Billing, AR, AP, GL etc.

2. Applicant Search/Retrieval

Includes work history, skill profile, resume, pay rate, method of payment, job orders, dispatching, pricing, invoicing.

3. TempsPlus OnlineThis online application allows your applicants to submit their applicant information online in a format that allows it to be directly imported into your TempsPlus software.

4. WarBoardThe WarBoard module of TempsPlus allows filling all open orders from a single screen!

5. JobStreamsThe JobStream module securely automates daily, weekly, or monthly tasks with a single command.

6. iPay Cash Card

Solves the costly and oft-times problematical paper check dilemma by allowing easy, integrated payment via debit card issued to the employee & replenished electronically to the card account. Available at no additional cost.

7. TempsPlus Tax Calculations & e-mail billing options

TempsPlus handles all tax calculations and reporting for the U.S. and Canada and is easily expanded to include any country’s tax calculations and reporting. You can e-mail invoices to customers using virtually any customer requested format (Rich text, HTML, Excel, MS Word etc.)

8. PeopleNet and TempsPlus

PeopleNet and TempsPlus is a bi-directional integration with PeopleNet. Our software sends the PeopleNet time attendance system the data on who should be working, at what locations, and, at what pay rate. The PeopleNet system then collects the in and out time and attendance data and feeds that summary back to our software for payroll processing. This all occurs seamlessly without user intervention

9. CallEmAll

Call-em-all another seamless integration with TempsPlus, that allows staffing companies to instantly send any or all of the employees in their database an email, text message, or phone call in one simple step and get reports back within minutes.

10. Multiple Locations in a single, centralized database

Share resources between locations without losing the “home” location of applicants, orders, and customers.

11. True MDI (Multiple Document Interface) increases productivity

No need to finish with one form before opening a new form to handle that phone request you just received. TempsPlus lets you work the way the work flows.

12. Recordset navigation speeds movement through data

SQL Queries provide virtually limitless access to your staffing data and most forms handle complete recordsets instead of just single records. This means you can make one request for a set of data and then move backward and forward through that data, performing your required work, without having to initiate a new request.

13. Report Writer – Crystal Decisions (Formerly Seagate)

Crystal Reports is an application used to create and modify all the forms and reports in the TempsPlus software. This means you can change existing reports or add new reports to TempsPlus. You do not need Crystal to run any of the many reports provided in TempsPlus.

14. Enhanced Security Settings

Users can now be assigned to specific locations and be limited to accessing data and reports for that location.

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