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For over 30 years our clients have been providing us with valuable information about what they need from their software! We always listen and take our best effort to keep you up to date with the latest staffing industry trends. With the family at Bridgeware Systems, your ideas fuel our features!

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Employee/Client Portals

The Temps Plus Online Application feature allows your applicants to submit their information online (including an optional resume) in a format that allows it to be directly imported into your Temps Plus software.


In the wake of changing regulations, intensified immigration audits, and expanding E-Verify requirements for state and private businesses, this is critically important.


The WarBoard module of TempsPlus allows the filling of all open orders from a single screen!

Reach Out

When you need to contact a single employee or all of them at the same time, our reach out features allows you to do this instantly.

IPay Cash Card

The ipay cash card provided by Bridgeware Systems Inc. offers many features such as paying the employee without a bank account, and eliminating bank fraud.


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