Bulk Emailing

“Bulk Emailing” – A TempsPlus Feature

Bulk Emailing

The Bulk Emailing button appears on the customer, applicant, job order, Warboard, AR Customer, and all “grid” screens. When you click the bulk emailing button, and, there is more than 1 record in the recordset (the recordset navigator in the lower left corner of the form shows how many records are loaded), you will be presented with additional dialog boxes that support the “bulk mail” feature.

TempsPlus Email All

Answering [Yes] to the “Email All?” prompt will take you to the “Email Recordset” dialog window. The email feature will attempt to send emails for every unique email address in the recordset that was selected at the time you pressed the bulk emailing TempsPlus Bulk Emailing button and for which there is an email address. It will skip those records where there is no email address entered or where the email address is the same as a previous record.

For instance, if you press the bulk emailing TempsPlus Bulk Emailing2 button from the customer screen where you have a recordset of 309 records, the email feature will attempt to email to all 309 customers. It will skip the customers who do not have an email address entered. If more than 1 customer record has the same email address, only the first customer with that address will be sent an email.