Covid-19 & Staffing Companies


What can staffing companies do in this Covid-19 time of crisis?

We all know what is happening in the country and the world currently so  there is no need to repeat the details just turn on the TV.

Basically, we have a severe national health crisis and, consequently, a very serious economic one. Considerable work is being done to mitigate and ultimately end both and we need to depend on a lot of others right now. But we are not helpless to continue to actively support our business and personal lives.

Even though businesses may be closed, your client’s websites, cell phones and emails are still working, including various video conferencing devices.

It may not be business as usual, but business can be done. It may be a difficult time for ourselves and our families, but our personal and family life can even be enhanced during this crisis.

Client projects (and some of your own) that have been put off because there was no time, might now be accomplished because everyone will have just a little more of it.

Some obvious and not so obvious profitable pursuits come to mind. But, let’s start with the good stuff!

  1. First, we all will have some extra time, time at home with our families and therefore have a great opportunity to use that precious commodity well. So, be sure and spend some “quality time” with your wife and children. Work on an outside project together, play some games, have a cookout. Spring is still going on a usual and even inside “rainy day” activities can be fun.Write a letter to thank someone, to congratulate someone, to express sympathy, or to just say hello to an old friend. Call your mother, father, aunt or uncle, take a hike, plan a vacation, contribute to a food bank, build a bird house (they are out looking right now), do some yard work, plant some flowers, go fishing or just sit beside a stream.Take some time for yourself, just to be and be aware of all “the good that remains” (Anne Frank) and which will remain long after this crisis has passed.
  2. On the business side, sell jobs to your clients that your employees can do at home.Down time is often a perfect time to get done what there never seemed to be time for. Sell some“on-line” data-mining projects for critical marketing and sales information.These searches would include company profiles, contact persons, email addresses, telephone numbers, etc.There may be other research assistance your clients may be interested in,or just simple data entry projects, customer service surveys like quality control feedback. It’s the political season so maybe some political campaign telephone work.Make your own list, refine it, then sell the people to do it.
  3. Get to know the many project capabilities available from worldwide Gig Economy platforms (UpWork etc.) and sell one or more of those projects to your clients. 90% is accomplished by freelancers operating from home.Web developers, graphic designers, digital marketing professionals, video animation creators, presentation creators, writers, business plan developers, SEO expertise, mobile app developers and other programmers, data analysis & reporting services.Make a list of some project suggestions for your client to see what their interests might be. Discuss options and get back to them with a price and timeline.
  4. Plan for your own agency (see “Developing a Growth Plan for Your Staffing Company”. Do some “Linked-in” and other job platform searches yielding larger and more varied placement files for your own databases.Help your clients plan and accomplish valuable projects that had been put off, or not even considered, because there was no time. Have a one-on-one meeting with a client via video conferencing to discuss their planning and project needs.
  5. Learn more about the many unused or underutilized features of your staffing software. Developers know that up to 40% of the features of most comprehensive staffing software packages are not fully utilized. These features can save thousands of dollars in time and in the lost efficiencies to deliver a more effective service. Features like Client & Employee Portals, Online Applications, Onboarding, Debit Card Payroll, Tax credit eligibility, etc. You will find staffing software support services, (like the ones we provide) are available all through this crisis period. Plan to use this time well. Take care!