Emailing Employee Photos

This “Did You Know” video shows emailing employee photos to a customer they are actively assigned to.  For more of the fine details continue reading below…

A couple more items on emailing employee photos to clients…

The email subject is simply “Employee Photo”.  The message text consists of just the employee name and the image file.  The image attached is the full sized bmp file (we scale it to half size when displaying it on the forms).  The Temps Plus company code and Applicant ID  information is integrated in the file name.  Characters to the left of the tilde (DMO~1.bmp) indicate the Temps Plus company code while the numbers to the right (DMO~1.bmp) are the Applicant ID.

The mailbox used to send the photo is the global mailbox for emailing timecards in Company Setup.  If this has not been setup then the photo won’t be mailed.  No MAPI or personal mailboxes are allowed for security purposes.  If the mailbox has a signature file specified then the signature will be included in the email.

You can’t just put any email address in the pop-up either.  The idea is that the client needs the photo either for security verification and/or company photo ID’s.  So the email address must be that of a Client where the Employee is on Active Assignment.  The system checks several places for valid email addresses:

On the order the employee is assigned to (it gets addresses from both the invoices tab and the email timecard spreadsheets tab), the email address on the main customer record and the email addresses of any contacts for that customer.

It gets this information for all active placements the employee is on and orders the data from the most recent placement on down.  It picks as the default, the first valid email address it encounters, check the fields in the following order: Orders.EmailAddress, Orders.EmailTimeTo, Customers.EmailAddress, CustomerContacts.EmailAddress).

The user can enter any email address as long as the program can find it in the fields described above.

We dont give the user the opportunity to edit the email but we do give a confirmation if the photo was sent to a valid email address.

…And “Now You Know”.