FFCRA Management Tool – TempsPlus

COVID-19 and the FFCRA Tools

Attn: All Bridgeware Clients

Our payroll utility to assist with the FFCRA is available in standard software updates. After updates are performed, you will need to run DBValidator.
Users with Supervisor privileges will be able to access the FFCRA Tool directly from the Process – Payroll menu within Temps Plus.




Using pay and expense types which will be created for you in the Setup process you will be able to track and payout benefits in accordance with FFCRA legislation.



You can easily control your Settings and set your Pay and Expense Types as needed or simply adhere to the defaults created for you:



This tool is designed for Payroll Management to use in simplifying the complexities of the FFCRA in a streamlined system.




We will be hosting “lunch with Bridgeware” webinars on the use of this tool as it deploys. A helpful prerequisite for using the tool ,would be for you and your staff to familiarize yourselves with the various aspects of the FFCRA legislation. Your CPA should be able to provide some insight. There is an overview from the Department of Labor available here: ffcra employer paid leave.
Please contact support@bridgeware.net and let us know if you are interested in signing up for our Lunch with Bridgeware sessions on FFCRA.
Stay safe out there!