History Rebill

“History Re-bill” – A TempsPlus Feature

History Re-bill

Using this feature lets you easily Re-bill any invoice that has been closed to History, in order to correct outstanding invoices as the need arises. If you post your invoices to Accounts Receivable, we create the adjusting entries for you to keep your billing and receivable balanced and up to date.

Just follow the instructions below.

From the “Period Batch Billing Editor” simply press the History Re-Bill Button.

Patch Period Editor

You will then be prompted to enter the Invoice Number that you want to re-bill.

Rebill Invoice History

Then you will be asked for confirmation of Invoice Number, Customer Number, Invoice Date and Total amount of original invoice. 

Tempsplus Invoice number

If you proceed, your invoice will be re-entered into the “period batch billing editor” as it was originally printed. You can then make any adjustments needed and reprint your invoice.

TempsPlus JKM