IPay Cash Card

IPay Cash Card

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Getting employees paid can sometimes be a significant problem, especially for those workers who do not have bank accounts. Some of these employees also have a hard time getting a check cashed and check cashing services can be difficult to find and expensive.

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Even an employee with a bank account may sometimes need to get their pay sooner than it takes to generate a check, mail it, have it received, deposited, and cleared by their bank.

To solve these problems Bridgeware teamed up with The Money Network and rapid! to seamlessly integrate a debit card payment system right into their TempsPlus staffing software.

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So now, with one click, your employee can have their pay transferred to Bridgeware’s IPay Cash Card and have cash instantly available to them at over 300,000 ATM machines nationwide.

And, not only is there no cost but your company saves money on checks, envelopes, printing, preparing mailings, and postage. When you consider several employees over many pay periods, these savings can be substantial.

Bridgeware's iPay Cash CardThis method of payment is not just for employees without a bank account or needing their pay quickly; other employees love this method of getting paid too.

I Pay Cash Card Features

Instant loading – Get paid instantly via instant loading

Budgeting tools – Use your Mobile App to manage your account
Right there on the App you have nicely laid out graphic tools where you can organize the various expenses in your budget rent, auto, cable, groceries, etc., and where you can allocate funds, set budget limits etc., A nice simple way to begin budgeting.

Card Lock – Use Card Lock to disable send
If your Debit card has been lost or stolen, or misplaced, you can instantly lock the card and when it has been found re-open it right there on the MN Mobile App. You can do this instantly without looking up phone numbers, making phone calls, or being “on hold”.

Fraud Protection – Same as Visa and Mastercard

Customer Service – Available 24/7/65

ATM Locator – 1,500 free ATM’s
Just plug in your location on the APP to find no-fee ATMs near you where you can use your MN Visa Debit card. Also locate places where you can reload your card with other sources and not just the employer’s loading of pay checks.

Free Use – at all merchants who accept Visa and MasterCard

Piggy Bank – Create Multiple Piggy Banks with Mobile App
Have a few things you are saving for? Direct money to some or all (the App has 6) and whenever money is directed to any one or more of these titled “piggies” (savings accounts) you can see the balance in each one instantly on your APP. It can accrue in each, be relocated to other accounts or withdrawn. To those not used to saving, it’s a great learning experience and actually fun to see the growth as it gets closer to the fulfillment of any goal whether it’s a trip, concert, clothing, holiday gifts, or vacation.

Issue Checks – on your Debit Card account
Since the employee now has a bank account, they can also be issued checks to pay bills by mail or send money anywhere without money order fees, Western Union, etc. (I should mention here that Debit card programs may differ, and I am only speaking about the system our company uses in conjunction with “The Money Network” which, by the way, during the Pandemic, the U.S Treasury Department used The Money Network to send millions of debit card stimulus payments to people without known checking accounts). For many without bank accounts, the ability to have and use a Debit card and Checking account also has the additional effect of mainstreaming people producing a nice lift in self-esteem. And there is a lot more!

The MoneyNetwork’s Mobile App
Mobile Apps are cool! Millions use them for thousands of activities. This App becomes integrated with the individual bank account ad is used to manage the account and has some great additional functions that many banks do not offer.

Digital Wallet
“Digital Wallet” for contactless payments. Just point your cell phone to the cashier at participating vendors (Starbucks for example) and they will pick up your Debit cards info instantly, and the bill is paid. It moves those holiday lines a lot faster!

Gift Cards
Use your mobile App. To select, send or store gift cards from over 200 retail stores and restaurants, and even an Uber gift card. It is so easy to buy and send right on your phone that it will be hard to ever forget to send out an important gift.

Just get the free App “Gyft” which will link up your phone, bank account and email program. You can also go to the Gyft website and use their quick form to have the link to download the App sent directly to your phone.

Moving Money
You can also use your App to send money to another bank account in the US, Mexico, or Europe. If a family member away from home is running out of money you can send debit card funds directly to their bank account so that they can use their own debit card to get the funds they need immediately.

Account Alerts
Set up account alerts to send a notice whenever a direct deposit is received, or when an account gets low, withdrawals are made, or other notice about activity in the account.

Spending Alerts
In the Budgeting tool on the App there are eight categories where you can set up spending limits. You can have each category of spending send you a notice when you have reached that amount or are close to it.

So, the “IPay Cash Card” is not just a debit card, but a great “Basketful of Benefits” that come right along with this fully integrated software feature at no added cost to your company yet a nice set of tools that will be appreciated by your employees.

And More!