Job Site Maps

“Job Site Maps” TempsPlus Feature

“Job Site Maps” -A TempsPlus feature

 Within TempsPlus staffing software, maps are more than just “maps”.  Maps and directions  are generated, within TempsPlus, from the employee’s home to the “Job site”, then delivered, via our ReachOut text messaging feature, directly to the employee’s cell phone.

Several Job Sites can be stored and accessed at any time together with the directions from each individual employee’s home to a specific job site.

Below are some screenshots and directions to show how this is accomplished in TempsPlus.

Placement map

CTRL-D from the Selected Placement record will launch your default web browser to give you directions from the Employees Home Address to the Orders Work Site.

jobsitemap-1-1From there using Google Maps, you could select the Google Maps Menu –

google-map-tempsplusPressing the M key key takes you to an internet map page for the address together with the directions to the specific job site.

google map - tempsplus software

Then choose, “Share or Embed Map”

embed google map - tempsplus software

Copy the Google link provided in the “Share” box –

Google map - tempsplus-software

Finally, use our TempsPlus ReachOut feature to send your employee(s) the Google link that will open in “Navigation Mode” on their cell phone.

reaching out - tempsplus software