LLH Healthcare

LLH Healthcare

As a new, integrated partner, LLH offers automated enrollment of employees to their health plan as well as plan administration.

The Live Life Healthy plan allows employees to pay for qualified health care with pre-tax dollars in accordance with Section 125 of the IRC tax code. Through the plan’s premium, members effectively reduce their taxable income and enjoy an increase in their paychecks.

The result is an increase in pay for the employee and higher profitability for the company. Everybody is healthier, and everybody wins!

For more information, please see the attached flyer. LLH Healthcare Information


LLH Healthcare provides an up-front, fully paid for, supplemental Preventative Health Plans designed specifically for Staffing Companies.

Without any exaggeration below is an absolutely great Bundle of Benefits. You be the Judge.

  • Plan premiums are paid pre-tax, which reduces the FICA contribution for the staffing employee, which in turn reduces the FICA contribution for the employer.
  • Open enrollment at any time of the year.
  • Does not interfere with any existing medical plans.
  • Net Zero cost to the employee
  • 1MM in free cash flow per 1,000 employees enrolled.
  • All legal due diligence provided at LLH Healthcare expense.
  • LLH Healthcare covers all costs to integrate with the staffing company’s software, payroll system, on-boarding, implementation, etc.
  • On-boarding takes from 4-8 weeks, and savings for employers begin immediately after enrollment.

Healthier Employees Healthier Employers