Looking For a Year End Checklist

Looking for a year end checklist? Go to https://bridgeware.net/reprint-w2s and you will find all the necessary information with respect to the end of the year.

The first thing you will need to do is download the appropriate math packet libraries needed for your system. For instance, everyone will need the federal tax updates, as well as the appropriate state(s) tax updates (assuming your state(s) requires state withholding of taxes and they have changed from the previous year If you don’t see the tax libraries you need for your state(s), you should contact us immediately with the information so we can add it to the web site for you. The instructions provided here will allow you to download the library ahead of time, then install the tax tables at the exact moment you need them to take effect – before performing the first payroll of the new year.

Printing W2’s

In order to print W2’s you should have an adequate supply of W2 forms (4-Up Laser Forms from Transform Technologies – form #L87.) You will need 1 form for each employee receiving a W2. If you need to order more forms, Transform Technologies phone number is 800-226-2564 The system you are working from must have access to a laser printer on which the W2’s will be printed. You need no prior knowledge or experience with running W2’s in Temps Plus, but you do need to know if there are any special additions or deductions set up in Temps Plus that need to be printed in special places on the W2s (like 401k’s etc.).