Lunch with Bridgeware

Lunch with Bridgeware

Lunch with Bridgeware

“Lunch with Bridgeware” is an informal online get together with Bridgeware staff and interested clients to discuss various features of Bridgeware’s TempsPlus software.

The meetings are held every Friday at noon from September through May. Notices are sent out to all clients informing them what topic(s) will be covered at the next get-together and asking that anyone interested should sign up (See sign-up form on this page)

The topics are based on feedback from clients during routine support calls or on some of our newer features.

Since “space” is limited, interested clients, or their staff persons, are asked to register early. If there is a “full house”, we will schedule another session the following Friday, or, if urgent, have a support person follow up by phone.

With initiation from the client, our support staff can easily access your computer screen and walk you through any TempsPlus feature. (Text link at top left of our “Support” webpage “Give Tech Control”)

Usually our “Lunch with Bridgeware” topics concern various aspects of our major features like Applicant Tracking, Job Order Tracking, or Payroll/Billing,

But we have had “Lunch with Bridgeware” sessions on many other TempsPlus features like:

Job Streams
Online Applications
Job Site Maps
IPay Cash Card

Bulk Emailing
Job Oder Customer Jump
In Process at a Glance
History Re-bill

Whatever the question, Bridgeware staff are always ready to respond in whatever forum our clients are most comfortable. Call or sign up for next Friday’s popular webinar, “Lunch with Bridgeware”!

Lunch with Bridgeware

Lunch with Bridgeware
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