Onboarding and Benefits Management

Onboarding and Benefits Management

Next to the critical task of finding qualified employees are the operations of:

  1. Getting employees On-Board as efficiently and completely as possible.
  2. Keeping employees happily working via Benefits Management

Because both Onboarding operations and Benefits Management are extremely important for successful management of your staffing company, Bridgerware has partnered with two excellent companies and seamlessly integrated their services within our TempsPlus Staffing Software.

These two companies and their services are as follows:

Efficient Hire:


  • OnboardingGuides employees through all regulatory and company documents ensuring they are signed and stored properly.
  • WOTC (Work Opportunity Tax Credit) Automates the process of screening and processing new employees for WOTC eligibility.

Saves time and money, Ensures Regulatory Compliance, English and Spanish, Easy to use, Affordable, Apply from any device, Scalable, and, 100% Cloud based.

Essential StaffCare:

Benefits Management

  • Benefits ManagementThe Leading supplier of Health Insurance and Benefits Management to the Staffing Industry.
  • Specific to the Staffing Industry.
  • Serving more than 1,500 Staffing Companies

Ensuring compliance with regulatory agencies of state and federal agencies for health insurance and other employee benefits.

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