Ongoing Development

Ongoing Development

Ongoing Development – TempsPlus Staffing Software

person-using-silver-macbook-pro-1181467Staffing Software, like many other types of software, is usually a work in progress. As the industry changes or the requirements and desires of our clients change, so does our software; TempsPlus.

That’s why it helps to be a single focused, exclusive staffing software and support company. Our only dedication for the past 30+ years has been staffing software development and support. That defining goal continues today.

When our company Bridgeware Systems Inc., was founded in 1983 as a CYMA accounting software dealership, our very first client was a staffing company, “Stafkings”** in Binghamton, NY. Even though CYMA was a great accounting software package there was room for improvement, especially in adaptation to the specific needs of a staffing company.

The first adaptation we made for Stafkings, was a custom software integration that allowed a single entry for both payroll and billing. Stafkings liked it so much that they referred us to other staffing companies.

Working with these companies quickly led to the development of other staffing related software like “Applicant Tracking” (1985) and “Job Order Tracking” (1986). We never looked back. We were in the staffing industry to stay.

By 1996 our TempsPlus software was a complete Front and Back Office Staffing Software Solution and continues to develop with new features and seamless 3rd party integrations. The hundreds of efficiencies built into TempsPlus, contribute daily to the management and profitability of a host of staffing companies nationwide.

Each of these “time and money saving” efficiencies was developed in consultation with our staffing company clients over many years. That consultation continues.

**Today, 35 years later, Stalkings remains a valued client and continues to contribute ideas for the ongoing development of our TempsPlus staffing software. Thank You Stafkings!

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