Ongoing Development

“When the rules get changed our ongoing development keeps you in the game!”

Our TempsPlus software’s ongoing development began over 30 years ago, but here are just two very recent examples.

Affordable Care Act – Constant changes to the ACA act has engineering adding features to Temps Plus to keep our clients in compliance with the federal standards. Here are a few of the updated features added to the software for ACA compliance.

We have made some more significant changes to Temps Plus JKM to assist in the administration of the affordable care act. The features are listed below and you should perform software updates and DB Validator to implement these features.

  1. Added the ability to track the date an offer of coverage was sent to an eligible employee.
  2. The Ability to track those offers by when they are accepted, declined or ignored.
  3. The ability to maintain multiple Plan offerings with different monthly premiums and weekly deduction methods by percent and /or additional amounts, all capped at the monthly amount.
  4. The ability to track acceptance dates and the plan of their choice for withholding purposes.
  5. The ability the date the offer is declined and the reason for decline.
  6. The ability to mark an Employee as Full Time to establish immediate eligibility.

We also have Job streams designed to email offer of coverage notices and automatically document it in the employee record. Reports and labels for mailing notices and tracking.


With Temps Plus Web-based employment eligibility verification feature you will minimize your risk exposure and be fully compliant. In the wake of changing regulations, intensified immigration audits, and expanding E-Verify requirements, for state and private businesses, this is critical.

With one click, “new hire” information is automatically sent from TempsPlus software to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) More…. Not familiar with E-Verify?

E-Verify is a free service of the Federal Government’s Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS) in partnership with the Social Security Administration SSA. It allows employers to confirm the legal status of new hires for eligibility to work in the US. According to the DHS website, more than 200,000 businesses use E-Verify with more being added daily.

What Bridgeware has done, is to seamlessly integrate E-Verify within their TempsPlus staffing software, enabling instant transmission of new hire information directly, via internet, to the appropriate DHS office with a request to verify work eligibility. One Click!

The new hire information is searched for matches within the huge databases of both DHS and SSA (more than a billion combined records)

Bridgeware is always looking for additional ways to increase our client company’s efficiencies, and consequently their profitability.

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