Online Applications and Reporting

Online Applications and Reporting

Online Applications and Reporting

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This online applications and reporting feature Of TempsPlus staffing software saves a great deal of time, including travel time, for your applicants. It saves office reception and data entry time for your employees while reducing errors in data transfers from written or typed applications a digital format. At busy times, Online applications allows hundreds of applications to be received digitally and entered instantly . . . even with resumes attached!

The Temps Plus Online Application feature works by creating and placing a custom web page on your web site that allows an applicant to file his or her’s application on a phone or desktop from anywhere (at college, vacationing, moving into the are from a distance, etc.

Incomplete online applications cannot be sent and the applicant is prompted for the missing information. When a completed online applications is sent, upon a successful “submit” command, an e-mail is delivered to an intake person who can briefly review it, and, if initially acceptable, directly import it into your TempsPlus staffing software. Additionally, an auto response confirmation of receipt is sent to the applicant.

Applicants may also optionally “sign in” as available for work.

A complementary reporting feature allows a customer or applicant  to access specified reports from your database.

So, no doubt about it! TempsPlus Online Applications save time, and money while adding increased efficiency and professionalism to your office!