What is the Best Staffing Agency Software?


Quora.com is a remarkably interesting website. It consists of several separate category-defined “forums” where members (free) can ask and answer questions. The hook that is you must have credentials in either education or experience to answer questions within a given category.

So, I created an account (1 min) and added a personal profile (2 min) and was sent an email to verify. After looking around at several categories (Technology, Theology, Writing, Marketing, Politics, etc.) I wondered if they had anything related to our business. I did not find very much except the question, “What is the best staffing agency software?”

Now, that question may have been asked to give a company like ours an opportunity to answer and sell their product. Not a bad idea but it was not us. Nevertheless, I think it is particularly good question, especially for the 22,000 staffing companies in the United States. Most of these use some type of software to help manage their companies. Some may still use a variety of specific software products for specific tasks like payroll, sales, job orders invoicing, etc

But because specific “staffing agency software” has now become so well developed, most staffing companies now use a specific staffing software. Usually these are complete “front and back office solutions” with hundreds of efficiencies specifically designed for today’s staffing agencies. They automate tasks that save huge amounts of time and money while enabling the delivery of a much better service to their clients.

So, the question remains, “What is the best staffing agency software?

First, we ought to acknowledge that “the best” is a very subjective phrase and probably impossible to determine with any degree of accuracy. Perhaps a better question would be what makes a staffing agency software “one of the best”? Using that standard, we can better look at what products might qualify.

Any excellent staffing software today needs to be a comprehensive solution that involves, as above, both “front and back office” operations. This would require the following major features, which are really a combination of utilities or mini-systems within the software.

• A complete Applicant Tracking System
• Matching Jobs with skill profiles System
• Job Order Tracking System
• Multi-Window, Single Screen Management System
• Web Portals for Employees and Clients
• A Single-Entry Payroll/Billing System
• A Flexible bulk Messaging & Email system
• A comprehensive Onboarding System
• A Benefit Management System
• A Single Multi-Location Database
• An Online Application & Reporting
• A Comprehensive Payroll & Tax package
• An Enhanced Client Data Security System

One example of the above “systems” having multiple utilities within it is the Payroll/Billing System. This would have facilitating utilities like a constantly updated & comprehensive tax jurisdiction package, Invoice ID, History re-bill, Garnishments, Multiple check queues, archived invoices, Debit card payment option, etc.

To be “One of the best”, is not just a question of how comprehensive the software is, but how good is the “Support”? Most software systems need support, not just for initial training but, on an ongoing basis, to be easily available whenever a question, difficulty, update, or a new feature comes up. For this you will need to have some straight talk with the developer i.e. direct telephone and/or video contact or a less valuable “ticket” system of support. You should also speak directly with the developer’s clients. They should be very willing to do this.

To be “One of the best” the software should have a proven history of performance with solid product stability and data security. Both are vital. You should be able to get good information on both these from your discussions with existing users who have had significant experience with the product for at least five years.

Another quality I would look for is the commitment of the software development company to an “Ongoing Development” of their product. You should ask them about their history of product updates and new feature developments. This information could be confirmed in your discussions with experienced users of the software.

So, “What is the best staffing agency software?” I cannot tell you what the “absolute” best is, but it is a sure bet that our software is one of them!