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Staffing Association and Corporate Partners Creating a World Class “Staffing Industry Software”!

The complex and ever changing Staffing Industry needs a staffing Industry Software that is equal to the demands placed upon it. The only way to achieve that goal is, first,  by working with National and Regional Staffing Associations. By attending and supporting their conventions, we are in direct physical contact with thousands of staffing industry executives several times a year. They discuss their management needs and we translate many of those needs into our software features.

The same is true for our Corporate Partners with one difference. Our Association partners tell us what needs to be done and our corporate partners help us to get it done . It has been that way at Bridgeware Systems for over 30 years and our TempsPlus software reflects those ongoing consultations and partnerships.

Below are the logos with links to the websites of our Association and Corporate partners.

We salute you all!  We truly could not do it without you!

Bridgeware Systems Corporate Partners

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