“Support” for TempsPlus Staffing Software

    Telephone Support
    West Coast Support
    • On-site implementation and software training at your location.
    • Software training at our location in Binghamton, NY

    TempsPlus “Support” Animation Video

    The  TempsPlus Support Program includes:

    • Staffing Software SupportThe Bridgeware “virtual classroom” enables you to attend live, instructor-led training via Internet
    • Lunch with Bridgeware” a weekly  informal  training and support webinar (Fridays at noon)
    • 24/7/365 emergency telephone support with complete connectivity.
    • Regular daily telephone support with complete connectivity.
    • Direct connection to client’s computer using PCAnywhere, Citrix, Terminal Server, etc.
    • A series of short “how to” videos covering all major features of our staffing software
    • A series of “explainer’ and overview videos
    • Same excellent Support service throughout the Covid-19 emergency!

    The “Client Log-in Area” of this site provides several resources including:

    • Unlimited TempsPlus staffing software updates – Including all executable program files and help with implementation (see above)
    • Updated W2 and tax calculations for all states
    • Quarterly Magnetic Media submission formats for all states
    • Queries library
    • New and updated report formats
    • Video training, documentation, and tutorials
    • “Tip of the Week” subscription service
    • Version histories