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We have used Bridgeware Systems for more than 25 years as our content management system (CMS). With a large volume of employees, we find ourselves relying heavily on our software provider to keep track and process the high numbers of applicants walking through our doors.  Being on the cutting edge of technology, Bridgeware Systems has allowed us to monitor, track, and place our associates with the right customers year after year.

Working diligently to give their clients what they want and need, Bridgeware Systems has continued to push forward when it comes to the use and application of industry specific technologies.  This exceptional work has allowed us, their clients, to work smarter not harder.  We are happy to say that in an effort to go paperless, we have, with the help of Bridgeware, eliminated the use of paper with respect to payroll checks, invoices, W2s, and applications. Their software through the “Reach-out” function has allowed us to use emails and text messages to communicate with our employees on a large scale. Their 1094c and 1095c builder gives us the ability to supply our workers, insurance brokers, and the IRS the information required under ACA. This is all done in house within their software package.

Bridgeware’s ability to integrate with third party vendors has been a great asset to our company. Key integrations such as online applications, E-Verify, employment verification, and WOTC lets us perform these types of tasks from one platform without hopping from software to software.  Bridgeware’s Temps+ is also integrated with our financial reporting software with a seamless posting process that incorporates payroll, billings, and accounts receivable.

After 25 years of exceptional service, I can say that we have relied heavily on Bridgeware Systems and can place a large portion of our success on our ability to process and track large amount of information efficiently and effectively.  I cannot say enough about Jimmy Kennedy and his team at Bridgeware.  They have worked extremely hard to produce a quality product with exceptional support. From the team here at Tidewater Staffing and myself personally, thank you Bridgeware Systems for everything that you have done and continue to do for us. Looking forward to another 25 years of smooth successful business operations and exceptional service.”

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Billy Allred
CFO – Tidewater Staffing Inc.

We’ve been with Bridgeware for over 20 yrs and over these years we have ALWAYS had a great communication with the staff and owners (Brian & Phil).
We were notified by a federal agency that they wanted all the records of our employees, the clients they worked for, notes pertaining to the employees and the clients & the amount of money paid over the course of 3 years. All on a per check basis.
Bridgeware successfully wrote the code (queries) for me to be able to send the requested data to the agency.
Two years later, the agency requested the same information again which I was able to reproduce with current information.
Another recent support from Bridgeware, was to help us to comply with the State of Colorado new law requiring us to accrue and pay sick leave (1hr for every 30 hours worked up to a max of 48 hours). This goes into effect in 2021.

Bridgeware is ALWAYS there for you!!

Dennis Hatcher
Denver, CO
PrimeSource Staffing. Inc

Bridgeware Systems has been a constant resource for our company. Since 2000 we’ve been relying on the staffing software they provide to build our business across the state of Idaho. Although some of the faces (or voices) have changed over the years, the level of support we receive has remained constant. Thank you Bridgeware! We look forward to another 20 years.

Dustin R. Cureton
Regional Manager
Gem State Staffing, Caldwell, Idaho

Bridgeware and Elite Staffing have been partners in the staffing industry for over 20 years. They have been there every step of the way from the first employee Elite Staffing sent to work to now having over 60,000 w2’s a year and processing over 15,000 checks a week.
You could not ask for a better company to handle all of your back-office staffing software. They are professional, accessible and are quick to handle all of our customer requests in this high demand environment in which we live.
If you are looking for a new software vendor in the staffing industry Bridgeware is the company you want working with you.

Kevin Johnson
Senior Vice President
Elite Staffing Inc