The Automation of “Onboarding” and “Benefits Management” for Staffing Companies

Adult Hipster Bearded Man Enjoying Video Call Conference Outdoor

Living in Amish country you get to know the people and the culture of this interesting& growing community. Most people have heard of the Amish tradition of a “barn raising” where 25-35 men and boys and an equal number of women get together to construct and support the construction of entire barn in a single day. Tellingly, for their culture, they call this event a “Frolic”.  Now any group who calls a “Barn Raising” a frolic has got to have a profound “work ethic. And they do.

As a neighbor and friend, we have had some personal benefit from this. A few years ago, when my wife was ill, we hired an Amish woman to come in periodically to help with house cleaning Ten years later she still comes and there has always been this wonderful bonus. She also loves to do work outside. So, in the Spring and Fall you will see her working here, in traditional bare feet, weeding the garden, planting flowers, mulching, trimming hedges, and anything else that needs to be done.

The point of this little story is the complement she gave me this week. She said that she loved to do work here because we have so many good tools to work with that it actually made the work “fun”.

And that got me to thinking about the great tools in our comprehensive staffing software that could easily make the routine work of a staffing company fun. Perhaps not rising to the level of a “frolic” but enjoyable.

I would suggest that the use of any highly efficient “tool”is fun to use. Maybe not all the time, since “work” is often simply work. But having good tools to work with often makes work go more smoothly, quickly, efficiently, and productively, and these qualities can certainly make the work of a staffing agency more enjoyable.

The Software Features of Onboarding and Benefits Management

To illustrate both the satisfaction usefulness of the products, I would like to use as an example the details of two of the most recent and significant developments in staffing software which are the seamless software integration of the processes for both the “Onboarding” of new employees and “Benefits Management” for all employees.

These processes had recently become more complex, (perhaps especially the “Affordable Care Act benefit) as well as having important compliance and financial implications.

The goals in these two software developments have been first, to organize the requirements needed for each to ensure compliance with legal and business issues, create simplicity in formatting and presentation of the intake formats, completeness, accuracy, documentation, plus the ability to instantly retrieve any elements of both categories of data.

Since it is a major goal of most staffing software developments to create additional efficiencies for managing a staffing company this includes both the data entry process as well as the data processing.

So, first, the beautiful design of these software features is focused on “ease of use” so that the necessary data entry can be made by the individual employee (or applicant). They are responding to clear, well organized, and simple questions that can be accessed on any device including the employee’s smart phone and therefore can be completed from anywhere at any time.

In the Onboarding process, the specific information, documentations, and features include:

  • Swift and accurate background checks to get the process started.
  • Facilitates immediate and significant engagement with applicants
  • All regulatory (W-4, US work authorization, etc.), and company documents including policy manuals, client and employer training videos and ensuring they all have signed acknowledgments and are stored securely.
  • Screening for WOTC (Work Opportunity Tax Credit) automates the process of screening and processing new employees for WOTC eligibility. The tax credit is immediate upon filing the next quarter’s payroll tax filing!
  • Saves time and money and earns money (WOTC screening- See above)
  • Ensures Regulatory Compliance (IRS, state and local tax authorities, OSHA, Homeland Security, etc.
  • Choice of English or Spanish language
  • Clearly written and organized for ease of use with basic literacy skills ensuring less Q&A
  • Complete the process from any device from anywhere
  • Scalable
  • 100% Cloud based
  • Completely integrated with existing staffing software


The Benefits Management software module simplifies and manages the very significant and often complex benefit of affordable healthcare solutions designed for both value and ACA compliance” (Affordable Care Act}.

This is a Medical Plan designed to affordably cover most workers’ day-to-day medical expenses, filling in where major medical plans stop short. The plan includes the Plush-Care telehealth platform, giving participants unprecedented virtual access to Primary Care Physicians and round-the-clock communications with a full Care Team of nurses and care providers.

The ACA compliant Fixed Indemnity Healthcare Plan features include the following:

  • No Deductible, No Co-Pay
  • No Employer Contribution Required
  • Choice of Virtual or In-Person Care
  • Convenient access via smartphone (book appointments, chat, etc)
  • Access to over One Million Healthcare Providers Nationwide
  • Affordable Weekly Rate
  • Doctor’s Office Visits (Virtual or In-Person
  • Lab & X-Ray Services
  • Surgical Benefits
  • Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Urgent Care Coverage
  • Fully integrated with your staffing software

These two major and critical features of “Onboarding Automation and Medical Benefits Management” are now fully integrated with your staffing software to keep your company technically up-to-date and compliant with many state, local and federal agencies. It accomplishes these important goals while providing your workers with a mobile based passport, not only to a new job but one with easy and personal access to mainstream benefits.

Working with great “tools” is truly enjoyable and even “fun”.

Stay Safe!