“The Money Network” Scores a Coup with the US Government


“The Money Network”is well known in the Staffing Industry. Their facilitation of Debit Card payroll disbursements has enabled many thousands of staffing company employees, without bank accounts, to be quickly and easily paid.

As a software developer, we have partnered with “Money Network” for many years, seamlessly integrating their outstanding service into our staffing software.

Now these “Money Network” cards will be introduced to millions of others.

The IRS announced (May 27, 2020) that U.S. stimulus payments will be going out to “millions” of Americans via Money Network debit cards This has now been accomplished and a second round may follow in August 2020). The preloaded debit cards are called, for this purpose, “Economic Impact Payment (EIP) Cards”.It was an ideal solution for getting money to people without bank accounts. The government agreed. So, do we!

For many reasons, this large segment of our population does not have checking accounts. To cash checks, therefore, they need to find a check-cashing-service and are often required to pay significant fees. And they walk away with a large amount of cash in their pockets which is dangerous.Paying in cash, as was done for many years, was costly and time consuming for employers, and not a safe solution for the employee.

Now every employee has the same ability as “direct deposit” with safe and instant access to their salaries.

We are delighted the government chose such a great company so close to home. Having dealt with “The Money Network” for many years, we and thousands of staffing companies would confirm their judgement.

When we sell our software’s integration with them, called “The Ipay Cash Card”, we often need to convince our clients that “The Money Network” has the ability to handle as many debit cards, transactions, and security issues as the largest bank. Admittedly they are not known to the general population but may be very soon.

Yet beyond their own exceptional financial management and technical capabilities, they are coupled with the significant resources of Meta Bank (a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp-FDIC) with over 5 billion in assets.

So, now, with the millions of Money Network debit cards having been sent out by the US Treasury Dept and the IRS, our selling job has just become easier.They have now proven themselves to be extremely capable!

But this is as it should be. “The Money Network” has spent many years developing its debit card product into an array of benefits that challenge,or exceed,any bank card. Among those features & benefits are the following:

  • Easy Activation (800# and set a pin #)
  • No Activation Fee
  • Use at any merchant who accepts VISA
  • No fee cash availability at thousands of In-Network locations
  • ATM Network Locator” available online for thousands of locations.
  • Get Cash-Back with any merchant that participates
  • Mobile App for Money management Online (and other services)
  • Setup direct deposit with IRS, SS, etc..
  • Security and Fraud protection (same as Visa and Master card) Zero Liability.
  • Lock and Unlock
  • Transfer funds to any US bank account (to family and friends?)
  • Savings Plans to set aside funds for special events, purchases, etc..
  • Pay Bills Online
  • Gift Cards (buy, send, and store digital gift cards)
  • And more!

The Money Network has done a superb job in helping to get government stimulus money into the hands of persons without known bank accounts in a manner that is easier, faster, and safer than sending checks.But they have done much more. They have made the persons receiving these cards become more “mainstream”within our culture and digital age. That may prove to be their best offering.

Congratulations Money Network and Meta Bank! Great job!