Updated iPay Screen

Some changes you’ve noticed to your employee’s iPay screen..

The new iPay interface has been launched to standard Temps Plus updates…
These new routines will:

A) convert iPay files so card number is no longer stored in database,
B) accept either Card Number or Account Number when issuing cards (Account Number is always saved to the database.)
C) allow cross program funding, that is, will fund Star cards from a Visa funding account IF the Visa funding account number is provided in Setup.
D) similarly to C, will transfer funds from a Star card to a Visa card when an employee’s Star card is switched to Visa. The Visa funding account will be used for both sides of the transfer so no impact on funding balance.
E) support NACHA funding of Star and/or Visa cards (must have EFTS configured for use with specified database).
F) support statements for active card and previously closed cards (for example, get a statement for the new Visa and the previous Star card. To use it… just enter “C” when prompted for statement cutoff date.)
G) support “Remove” card so that for whatever reason a card can no longer be managed in iPay, it can be removed from the employee record so that a new card may be assigned.
H) I-Pay Admin program now retrieves employees via standard applicant/employee browsing rather than by Card Number.