WarBoard simultaneously displays orders, placements, and “who’s here”, windows, and has the ability to have workers “sign in” or “call in”, then place these workers directly from sign-in list to the job.

Warboard Animation

WarBoard also allows your staff to:

  • Edit orders and placements (including notes).
  • Print work tickets – select single/multiple orders/placements.
  • Print “Reports Library” reports for orders and placements – select single/multiple orders/placements.
  • Print a short “grid report” for any window.
  • Enter new customers, orders, placements, or work codes.
  • Enter/edit Customer/Employee DNR’s (Do not return).
  • Enter/edit Customer Rates.
  • Select/Sort data by several order status types
  • Warboard allows the use the grids for quick navigation and the standard TempsPlusforms for editing.
  • User definable timers for updating grids.
  • Quick “Double Click” default actions for each grid.
  • User definable reports for each grid.
  • Right-click popup menus for each grid.
  • Hours worked this week automatically shown for each “signed-in” worker.

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