Web Portals – Employee & Customer

“Web Portals – Employee & Customer” – A TempsPlus Feature.

Web Portals – Employee & Customer

Web Portals for Employees and Customers

Web portals is a feature of TempsPlus staffing software that allows password protected web portals to be installed on our client’s websites which connects directly to only user defined areas of their employee’s files and their customer account information.

Importantly, only the employees and customers that you designate, can access information pulled from your TempsPlus software’s databases which are securely designed to deliver only the information you have defined beforehand.

This feature saves a great deal of phone  time with an employee wanting to get accumulated hours and pay information or a client looking for details of their payable account.

Our research shows that staffing company customers and their employees greatly appreciate this web portal service which builds overall customer satisfaction, confidence, trust, and loyalty.

“Web Portals” Feature – Explainer Animation