The Automation of Onboarding and Benefits Management

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In this article I will go through each of the individual items of the Onboarding Process that are now automated in our staffing software.  This is accomplished almost completely via the new employee’s entry of his or her data, via an App self-installed on his or her cell phone or any devise) After entry, the data can be auto loaded into your staffing software by clicking “Enter” where it will be directed to the new hire’s permanent file and other appropriate areas of the staffing software.

Employee Healthcare Options. Like most Insurance, the cheapest policies usually have the highest deductibles and that is true with the affordable care act (ACA). It’s good for catastrophic illnesses or injuries but not the first $6,500 deductible that is entirely out of pocket. You need another policy to cover that first amount.

So, in the Onboarding process the new employee will be offered some options to cover most of that amount at affordable prices. The Onboarding App will go through some clear-language options in English or Spanish with video tutorials, an actual insurance policy, pricing, etc. The employee can take whatever time they need and make their decision using their pin-identified electronic signature.

WOTC. From the standpoint of a staffing company owner, one of most profitable (As in “Cash”) of all the onboarding items is the automated screening and processing of Work Opportunity Tax Credits, usually referred to as WOTC Tax credits. Once the basic data is entered by your new employee, all that usually remains for your company to do is print out and sign the completed tax credit forms and submit with your regular tax forms. Be sure to subtract the amount of the total tax credits from your tax liability!

Here is a list of the available tax credits, by the status of the eligible person, the sponsoring agency, and the total dollar value or range of value.

Veteran $2,400 -$9,600
Designated Community Resident $2,400
SNAP (Food Stamps) Recipient $2,400
EX-Felon $2,400
SSI Recipient $2,400
Vocational Rehab Recipient $2,400
Long-Term Unemployment (27wks) $2,400

Form I-9

Issued by Homeland Security, this form is used for the employee’s basic authorization and verification information for eligibility to work in the United States. The software is kept updated to ensure that the most current form is available.

This form has three pages, but this probably suggests more content than needs to be delt with.

For example, the first page has two sections: the first section is short and deals with basic employee information like Name, Address, Date of Birth, Social Security, Email Address, Telephone Number, Citizenship Status with appropriate document and number if non-citizen. Finally, there is a place for an electronic signature (used throughout) and a date.

The second section is simply the employer’s verification they have examined the documents furnished on page 2 regarding identity and work authorization.

The second page has three lists totaling 25 documents that can established entity and/or work authorization. The employee can choose one document from List A, or choose one selection from list B and one from list C. In lieu of a document they can present a receipt for a lost or stolen or damaged document.

The Third Page is for use by a Preparer or Translator who simply attests to the fact that he or she assisted in the completion of section 1 of the form.

Remember: The I-9 form is integrated with E-Verify!

You can submit an E-Verify right from your I-9’s so your verifications of work authorizations is never overlooked.

State and Federal Tax Forms

The official state and federal tax forms are on the app and can be filled out interactively and signed electronically. You can add whatever state and local tax forms you may need, and these remain in place for any and all new hires until they need to be updated.

Additional Onboarding Materials (Company Policy Documents – Training Videos, etc.) If there are other important documents or even videos that you want all your new hires to read or view and electronically sign, you can add them to the onboarding process. You can also include the requirement for an electronic signature.

The full title of this staffing software feature is “Onboarding and Benefits Management” because there is an ongoing management element to both the onboarding and healthcare elements. They keep the basic forms, pricing, and notifications up to date. So, it is also a dynamic feature that has two separate companies specializing in many parts and keeping them up to date. They are great partners.

As always, Stay Safe! And pray for Ukraine!