Incorporating Staffing Software Elements Within Your Company’s Website

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Thirty years in the life of most industries is a very short time. But in terms of both website and software development, where the growth of each has been exponential, 30 years can seem like the difference between modern and ancient history.

Thirty years ago, a website was usually presented as a static online storefront with a basic introduction to the company and a list products and services.

Today most company websites are multi layered, interactive, responsive,and much more “complete” in terms of being able to deliver more content and functionalities. In the e-commerce version it is capable of showcasing thousands of products, enabling direct purchases, accepting payments in a multitude of formats, shipping& delivery options,returns, refunds, discounts, and direct links via chat, voice, or email to a customer service department.

Today’s staffing company website has several related purposes in informing, pre-selling, selling, recruiting, and servicing its clients and contract workers.It is also used many times as a “go-to” resource for its core staff. Much like its staffing software the company website creates efficiencies for both its internal and extended community.

There is an area of website capability,often neglected (at least in part), that would deliver even more services while also promoting them to your multiple constituencies including prospective clients and temp workers.That area of capability is “incorporating more of your staffing software elements within your company’s website”.

The Online Application.

Most job seekers have a resume, and they can readily attach it in an email to your company where is can be directed to the appropriate person.

But the point of the “online application”is to collect the information directly from the applicant in a format that can be instantly incorporated into your software’s applicant/employee/ “fields”. This also eliminates transcription errors and the data entry by your own staff. The information collected is then stored securely and ready to be processed instantly via several criteria, i.e., skills, location, experience, education level, work experience, etc.

Certainly, the online application also allows the applicant to attach a resume (and picture) which is then “delivered” to the appropriate location on the applicant/employee page within your staffing software.


The process of “onboarding” is,perhaps, the most a critical element in the hiring process.It often begins with a basic background check plus screening (E-Verify) for eligibility for work in the USA. The bulk of the information is provided by the applicant via a very well organized and clearly written digital Q and A format that is available to the applicant, upon invitation,on any device including the applicant’s smart phone so it can be completed at any time from any location.

Each significant element can be electronically “signed off” on for documentation then stored securely in the cloud-based software where it can be instantly accessed.

Several of these information and documentation elements are necessary for compliance with IRS, state, and local taxing authorities, plus employee policy manuals, training, and safety videos, etc. and  including the client where the new employee may be working.

No matter where the applicant is located when completing the onboarding process, the agency website should provide good, detailed information about your complete and documented onboarding process for the benefit of existing and prospective clients and temp workers.

Web Portals

There are two major web portals you could use on your website that would provide a real service to clients and contract employees as well as cut down on the number of telephone calls for routine information about the status of their respective accounts.

This information is readily available from the data bases of your staffing software and can easily be made available via client and employee portals on your website.

A client may call to request the terms of their current contract, previous archived invoices, names previous employees that work for them, etc.

A temp worker might want to see how many hours he worked during the current pay period or may need a couple of recent “pay vouchers” to support a car loan application. You can give access to as much information as you want or what you believe would be helpful based upon your previous experience of phone call requests. The portals existence can be promoted in any or all contact materials.

Health Care Insurance management (ACA)

Your software allows new and existing employees, upon invitation, to shop in private via website or their personal smartphone for different qualifying health plans, with fully described features and benefits. It includes pricing for the various options which can be paid for on a convenient weekly basis.

Plans ae usually ACA (the federal “Affordable Care Act) approved and include various subsidies that reduce the premiums and often do so substantially.

A recent blog article covers a full list of features for this health care benefit and its management plus a list with descriptions of what is included in the automated  Onboarding process.

Both lists should be on your website not only for the benefit of new employees but also to promote your offerings to prospective employees and clients.

The blog article linked above will provide content for your site on these topics (Onboarding process and Health Care benefits and permission is granted to reproduce whatever you would like to publish on your website from that article. You may need to edit a couple of items that were written for staffing companies and not necessarily for their clients and employees.

Staff Resources log-in area

This final item is not software related but is mentioned here because it makes for a handy area on your website for your core staff to have ready access to needed resources.

Some of these resources are simply “where do I go to get regulatory signage needed to be posted in areas of your offices where they will be seen by most all workers at one tine or another. Others are access to safety training videos and follow up testing materials, IRS and other taxing authority forms and contact persons, contacts with OSHA officials, staffing software support contact persons, staff training materials for certifications etc. etc..

All of these and much more should be readily available to all core staff. When something is needed, it is not the best time to search for the appropriate resource provider.

Finally, having the above elements of your staffing software available on your website and otherwise promoting these features there, plus a website based “resource library”instantly available to all core staff, will make your business better able to deliver more and better services to the communities you serve.

Stay Safe! – Covid is still out there but thankfully getting to be much less of a nightmare.